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Enjoy Your Fireplace in 8 Easy Steps


The Firewood Factory provided 8 easy steps to get your fire started the right way. Correctly lighting your fire not only ensures safety but is much more energy efficient. Following the steps we offer can mean a faster start. Get the most of your fire and enjoy a cozy evening in front of the fireplace with these 8 easy steps:

  1. Open damper
  2. Place crumpled newspaper under the grate
  3. Place two pieces of wood parallel to the sides of the grate
  4. Place another piece of newspaper between the pieces of wood, add kindling on top
  5. Place two smaller pieces of wood on top – “log cabin” style
  6. Roll a piece of newspaper (torch shape)
  7. Light it, and hold it in the chimney for a few seconds to start airflow upwards
  8. Place this piece of burning newspaper under your grate to ignite your fire

Make your own cozy fire with seasoned firewood from The Firewood Factory in Stouffville. We are available by phone from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM year-round for pricing, delivery, and pick-up information.